HASAN SCHOOL OF INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY (HSIT) is, in every sense of the word, an incredible place. Students love the faculty, the classes, and the opportunities, simply because they are amongst the best in the country. HSIT is a place where experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the world take birth. It is a great privilege for students to continually study under the most knowledgeable people in their fields, including judges of the superior courts and senior advocates. Even though life at HSIT can be more rigorous and demanding than other law colleges in Pakistan, most students wouldn’t trade their years here for anywhere else.

HSIT prepares its students to meet the world with energy and knowledge. At HSIT, education teaches students to think, to analyze, to question, and to consider.

What ultimately set HSIT apart are the people that comprise its community. Every student has a unique story to tell. HSIT is amazing because it gathers diverse and remarkable individuals together for the same ultimate purpose: to learn, to grow, to thrive, and to discover themselves.

Through a unique blend of curricular, experiential, and research programs delivered within a student-centric culture, Hassan Institute of Technology prepares its students for successful careers in a global society.

HSIT will be a great world Institution whose academic portfolio, research agenda, and educational model align with the shifting needs of a complex planet.


Student Centeredness: Exhibits behavior, performs duties of position, and/or makes decisions that demonstrate and/or support the importance of students as the primary constituency of the university and/or contributes directly to student success.

Professional Development and Scholarship: Takes actions to continuously advance and/or improve in one’s academic or professional discipline; as an individual contributor; as a team member; and/or as an organizational leader.

Integrity and Ethics: Does what it takes to deliver on commitments made to the department, college, or division and to constituency groups. Builds personal trust and relationships inside and outside the university by doing what one says he or she will do when it is promised.

Respect, Diversity and Pluralism: Provides a high level of service to fellow members of the HSIT community. Treats every person with dignity. Demonstrates inclusion by incorporating diverse perspectives to plan, conduct, and/or evaluate the work of the organization, department, college, or division.

Innovation and Flexibility: Provides and/or encourages new ideas that could make the department, college, or division an even better organization. Open to, and adapts well to change.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Contributes to the efforts of the department, division, or college as a team player. Works well with others outside the department to accomplish cross-college or division goals and objectives.