As new and rapid techniques of dealing with diseases at the molecular level are discovered, students need to be prepared and possess a passion for research. Medical Biochemistry equips students with all the skills required to enter the fascinating world of biochemistry research, and opens up many opportunities in this rapidly growing field.
Professors rely on advanced teaching methodologies and learning aids to ensure students learn the subject in an interesting way. The faculty’s experience widens the scope for both clinical biochemistry and research. They constantly stay updated with the latest developments in the field by involving themselves in conferences and symposia. The department also has a well-knit team of health sciences and technical staff who can take credit for the smooth functioning of the laboratories.
M.B.B.S. students are initially instructed in the basics, giving them an understanding of the clinical processes involved in biochemistry. Case discussions are used to instruct students in a challenging way. Students are constantly assessed and given additional guidance, as they require it. During clinical postings, students can familiarize themselves with the facilities available in the clinical laboratories. Students also receive hands on training in estimating biochemical parameters, while gaining practical experience in the point-of-care testing of patients at the bedside to assess their condition.
Research and projects
Students are encouraged to take up research in the various fields of biochemistry. The research laboratory is a boon as it has the resources to allow students to perform clinical research.

  • At the biochemistry laboratory, students have access to every kind of equipment for the study of biomolecules. The spacious laboratory has colorimeters, centrifuges, distillation units, electronic balances, microscopes, a flame photometer, automated pipettes and dispensers.
  • The clinical biochemistry laboratory at Amna Inayat Medical College is also equipped to facilitate student’s practice. It has clinical chemistry analyzers, blood gas analyzers and ELISA analyzers, an Hebraic analyzer, flame photometers and auto analyzer.

The research laboratory is equipped with some of the latest equipment including electrophoresis units (polyacrylamide gel systems), chromatography units, homogenizers, distillation units, research microscopes, autoclaves, spectrophotometers, pH meters, UV lamp and incubators that assist students in conducting high level research.