One of the mostdistinguished departments in the Kishwar Fazal Hospital; the ENT Department has qualified and experienced faculty members. This being one of the most complex sciences, students need to build their medical knowledge of the latest treatments that have met with success in the world. Faculty members too, continuously updat their knowledge by participating in regional and national conferences in otorhinolaryngology.

Specialized services
The department is one of the few in the state that is equipped with electronystagmography for assessing patients with vertigo. Other features include:

  • Outpatient department equipped with diagnostic endoscopy laboratory
  • Audiology wing with a sound-treated room
  • Facilities for pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, special tests audiometry
  • Speech therapy and stammering clinic
  • Rehabilitation clinic in coordination with the Pediatrics Department

Community outreach
The department actively takes part in the health camps conducted by the medical college. Rural area camps are conducted in and around Sheikhupura.

Clinical and other facilities
The department has both inpatient and outpatient services. The outpatient section has spacious examination rooms and clinical demonstration rooms. The inpatient ward can accommodate major and sophisticated surgery, giving students plenty of exposure to clinical material for study.

The operation theater has sophisticated equipment such as an operating microscope and a video camera to perform middle ear surgeries like mastoidectomies, stapedectomies and ossicular reconstructions. Phono surgeries are also performed for voice disorders. For precise sinus and nasal surgeries, nasal endoscopies are performed using advanced video endoscopes. Head and neck surgeries like laryngectomy, maxillectomy and neck dissections are being performed regularly. Besides these, the hospital conducts a number of routine surgeries, like tonsillectomy, tongue-tie release, earlobe repair and correction of nose deformities.