All the students have to strictly follow the general rules and regulations of the college which are related to the campus, hospitals and hostels. The violation will be dealt with by the disciplinary committee chaired by the principal through appropriate action.

  1. DRESS CODE: The wearing of prescribed uniform has peculiar importance in medical profession. Wearing of uniform creates a pride and sense of belonging amongst the students from the very first day
  2. ATTENDANCE: each student must ensure 75% attendance in lectures ,practical and clinics which is mandatory for appearing in the university examinations. Absenteeism without plausible reason will be taken seriously.
  3. ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE : The performance records of internal and university examination of students will continuously be monitored and judged for their requisite suitability for continuation of medical education of the college. Unsatisfactory academic performance will be reported to the parents for seeking their help and cooperation.
  4. CLASS DISCIPLINE : Teachers and students maintain a highly professional interaction in the academic sessions. Students must switch off their cell phones before they enter college till the classes are over.
  5. PEACEFUL ENVIRONMENT: The maintenance of a safe and secure environment in the campus, hospitals and hostels has immense importance in a professional
  6. CORRECT ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOUR : The students are completely facilitated to devote themselves in their professional studies and expected to shun unwanted social trends. The possession and use of weapons and substances of abuse, keeping of objectionable materials and pets, smoking etc are totally forbidden in the campus, hospital, and hostels.
  7. POLITICS AND RELIGION: The involvement of the students in any sort of political, sectarian , ethnic and other such activities in campus, hostels and hospital is viewed with zero tolerance by the college administration.
  8. HOSTEL DISCIPLINE: The hostel wardens facilitate the maintenance of a congenial environment and living of students in a disciplined manner. The residents are expected to enjoy their stay without any distraction and disturbance.
  9. MORALS AND ETHICS: The students must essentially display the highest moral and ethical standards at the college, hospital and hostels with conduct par excellence.
  10. COLLEGE PROPERTY: The care and safety of all the property used by the students will be ensured by themselves by preventing any willful damage, loss or theft.
  11. LAW AND SECURITY: The laws of country and the common rules about security will be strictly followed by the students. The security officer of the college and hospitals will be apprising them regarding these laws as the need arises.
  12. LIAISON WITH PARENTS: The parents/ guardians will be kept informed about the students daily academic performance , regularly.
  13. DISCIPLINARY ACTION : The decisions taken by the principal and disciplinary Committee against students for violating the code of conduct will be final and can include immediate rustication or disallowing to apply for university examination roll number etc. Various disciplinary actions taken by the committee according to the nature and degree of violation of rules by the students after due deliberations of committee will be as under:
  14. Withdrawal from college rolls.
  15. Cancellation of hostel allotment
  16. Cancelation of leave
  17. Cash fines
  18. Extra library sittings ban to visit cafeteria and hostels
  19. Disallowing to apply for examination roll number.

Each students and his/her parent will sign an undertaking given below , at the time of admission to college.