1. Department Name: Community &Preventive Dentistry
  2. Name of the HOD : Dr Fahd Dogar
  3. Faculty of the Department:
Sl. No.  Name Designation Qualifications
1 Dr Fahd Dogar Associate Professor BDS,MDPH(Australia)
2 Dr Farhan Riaz Assistant Professor BDS, MSPH
3 Dr Haider Javed Senior Demonstrator BDS, MPH
  1. Department Profile:

Community & Preventive  Dentistry Department   prevents  and  controls  Dental  diseases  and  promotes  Dental  Health  through  organized  community  efforts. In this department students learn the approach regarding prevention of oral diseases and department provide professional training in oral health promotion keeping in mind community oral health needs of Pakistan.

Objectives of Department:

To  Familiarize students with core contents  of  subject of  ‘Community  and  Preventive  Dentistry’  and  create  awareness  about  importance  of  Research  in  Medical &Dental  Sciences  amongst  students.The dental students are able to address the main oral health problems of the community and suggest therapeutic, preventive and educational solutions for these problems. Students are able to differentiate between different epidemiological tools for assessment of community problems, list various research methods & evaluate the strength given by each.

  1. Research Areas/ Interests. Oral Health Camps (Schools and villages oral health visits) , Oral health awareness Programs, World Oral Health Day.
  1. Departmental research Activities: Scientific Poster presentation, Research articles writing,Group Multimedia Presentation, Individual student’s Multimedia Presentation as case reports.
  1. Achievements of Individual Faculty Members.
  • Correlation of mesiodistal width of maxillary central incisor with canthal distance using the decreasing function of the golden ratio. (Research article by Dr Fahd Dogar)
  • Oral health of preschool children in rural and remote Western Australia’ published in Australian journal of rural and remote health. (Research article by Dr. Fahd Dogar)
  • Oral hygiene practice and choice of oral hygiene products among smokers and betel leaf chewers. (Research article by Dr Fahd Dogar)
  • Brushing habits and general dental condition of school children in Sheikhupura in Pakistan. (Research article by Dr Fahd Dogar)
  • The motivation for choosing the Medical & Dental profession ((Research article by Dr. Fahd Dogar)
  • Dental anxiety among the general population in Sheikhupura.(Research article by Dr. Fahd Dogar)
  • Assessment of Oral Health Knowledge and Attitude among Type2 diabetic patients at THQ Sillanwali, Distt Sargodha (Research Article By Dr. Farhan Riaz)
  • Dental record keeping is a neglected domain among the dental clinics in Lahore(Research Article By Dr. Farhan Riaz)
  • Views and understandings of rural adults about the oral health care: A qualitative study (Research Article By Dr. Haider Javed)
  1. Department Email: Community.dent.deptt@gmail.com