DEPARTMENTAL PROFILE OF DENTAL MATERIALS                                                                         

DEPARTMENT NAME:       Science of Dental Materials.

NAME OF THE HOD:                   Dr Hira Asghar.                

dental meterial dartmental profile                                                                                               






Associate Professor/


Dr Hira Asghar

BDS, M.Phil

(Science of Dental Materials)


Demonstrator Dr.zainab Awais




                             DEPARTMENTAL PROFILE

The Department of Science of Dental Materials has been actively involved in teaching and facilitating the basic science subject taught in the second year BDS, In this subject the students learn the basic properties , chemistry and clinical applications of dental biomaterials used in conventional  and modern dentistry.

The Department of Dental Materials aims to provide the understanding of properties and handling of materials essential in both clinical and laboratory settings through manipulation, techniques, application of dental materials and their interaction with the oral environment.

The department has dedicated state of art laboratory, which enables the students to practice the manipulative techniques before their application in clinical setup.

Mode of conduct

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Practical demonstration and manipulation.
  • Team based learning
  • Small group discussion

Future plans

Dental materials will provide opportunity for multidisplinary research in dentistry. It will produce scientists and researchers of the future who can develop and use various materials for the betterment of the society. The emphasis of the program is on the application of composite, polymers, ceramics and biomaterials in the field of dentistry. It will help in formulating new healthcare solutions and accelerating research innovations for patient care and well being.                     


  • Poster presentations
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Team based learning
  • Small group discussion
  • Interdisplinary lectures
  • 91 % result in annual examination of UHS, 2019


  • Innovations in dental materials.
  • Manipulation and clinical use of conventional and smart


Research publications

Dr Hira Asghar

  • Porcelain metal ceramic crown versus porcelain veneer, a clinical trial investigating the success between the two in the maxillary teeth, Prof essonal Med J.2018 25(5); 709-713
  • Comparison of shear bond strength of prepared methacrylatebased compositesrepaired with silorane composite. PODJ, 38(1) March 2018
  • Acrylic partial denture versuschromium cobat denture;, a study, gaugingthe patient satisfaction for what is best and most suitable in the defined population, PJMHS vol. 12(1) 2018
  • The impact on teaching strategies on students of BDS , learning and academic improvements at Faryal Dental College, Med Forum, vol 30(5), 2019;88-91
  • To analyze the outcome of orthodontic space closure and implant substitution in patients presented with missing maxillary incisors, PJMHS vol.13(3);2019

Conferences /workshops

Dr. Hira Asghar

  • Oral presenter in PADR (IADR pakistan section) conference 2015
  • Course faculty of C-Orth course (2019-2020) conducted at Faryal Dental College.
  • Participated in 7th ISBM (11-12th Dec 2019) international symposium on biomedical materials.
  • Participated in evidence based dentistry of IADSR from 11-13th sept 2015


Dr Hira Asghar

  • Incharge of faculty development program/continuous professional development of Faryal Dental College.
  • General Secretory of character building society (CBS) of AIMEC.
  • Composed ‘AIMEC COVID 19 SOP’s manual’ under core committee.