To provide quality dental education and skills to the students and dental care to the communities in the light of national and provincial standards.


The mission of the department is to abreast the students with the latest knowledge, skills, technologies, and innovations regarding pathologies of oral cavity and. ultimately leading to the development of rationale for treatment planning and preventive programs.


Oral Pathology is a clinic-basic subject taught during 3rd Year BDS. It is the science that deals with the nature, causes, and development of oral diseases. Acting as a bridge between basic and clinical dental sciences, it incorporates clinical, radiographic, and microscopic knowledge of structural and functional changes that cause oral diseases or are caused by oral and other systemic diseases. This course of study introduces the students with diseases/pathologies of the oral and maxillofacial regions and allows them to apply the basic knowledge of oral anatomy and tooth morphology (which they learned in their first year). Also, the students are familiarized with the trends of diseases that follow in the Pakistani population through the incorporation of results of research studies (though there are only limited research areas that are worked upon in Pakistan like salivary gland tumors, squamous cell carcinoma, etc.) and what are the general practitioners expected to do when they contact such patients during their clinical practice. They learn which investigations to order for a diagnosis of a particular disease, when to treat the patient themselves in their general practice and when to refer to special care units. In short, students learn to apply the knowledge of oral pathology during their clinical rotations to make a strong foundation on which their clinical practices will be based ultimately.


The primary objectives of the department are to train undergraduate students of BDS so that they should be able to identify different oral and maxillofacial lesion, describe the clinical, radiographic, and histologic findings, and propose the possible diagnostic and prognostic aids that will greatly influence clinical decision-making regarding treatment and management of the patients.

Mode of conduct

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Microscopy
  • Presentations
  • Small group discussion


  • Multimedia presentations
  • Problem based learning
  • Small group discussion
  • Case discussions
  • Interdisplinary lectures
  • Microscopy for histopathological diagnosis
  • Presentations by students.


  • Clinical Manifestation of Oral Diseases
  • Systemic Diseases with their Oral Manifestation
  • Brush Biopsies/Fine needle aspiration Biopsies
  • Histopathological diagnosis of Oral Diseases
  • Cytomorphometery
  • Immunohistochemistry


 1.Laboratories: Oral pathology lab

  1. Demonstration room
  2. Departmental Library                                   


Name Qualification Designation Role
Dr Naila Umer BDS, M.Phil., PGD (Postgraduate diploma in professional ethics and teaching methodologies) Assistant Professor ·         Head of Department

·         Course Coordinator

·         Lectures Student

·         Supervision

 Dr Narmeen BDS Demonstrator ·         Demonstrations

·         Practicals

·         Student Supervision

Lab Technician Lab Technician ·         Lab maintenance

·         Practical work

Computer Operator Computer Operator ·         Computer Operations


Research publications

Dr Naila Umer

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6.Practice and knowledge of infection control protocol among dental personnel.(Published in Infectious diseases journal of Pakistan Vol.23 , issue 1,2014)

7.Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia : A case report.( Published in Journal of Pakistan Dental Association(JPDA) Vol.22, issue 1, 2013 )

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