Introduction to Forensic Medicine

FORENSIC  MEDICINE is a state medicine which deals with the application of principles of medical to the purpose of law and to furthering of justice.

Forensic medical examination is a highly responsible and difficult task requiring trained staff and purpose built and well equipped examination centers for examination of the living and dead. The subject spreads into almost every branch of medicine. It covers the responsibilities of doctors towards the State, patients and towards each others.

At the completion of Forensic Medicine plan of study student should :-

  • Know the rights & duties of a doctor when he / she comes in contact with the courts.
  • Know the principles of Forensic Medicine including the recognition, collection, identification, preservation & documentation of physical evidence with in the criminal justice system.
  • Be able to document & orally describe crime scenes, physical evidence & scientific processes.
  • Be able to perform medicolegal autopsies & medicolegal examination of living victims of physical & sexual assault.

Have an understanding of certain provisions of law falling under Pakistan Penal Code (PPC)  & Criminal procedure Code (Cr.PC)