Dr.Sohail Anjum Chaudhary


Medical Education department of AIMEC Lahore has a vision to provide a learning environment in which competence is fostered not primarily by teaching to impart knowledge, but through encouraging an inquisitive style of learning making learners to reflect critically.


To provide updated recognition and training in education in order to develop new educational strategies, enhance use of learning technologies and develop new assessment tools to cater the increasing complexity of the curriculum.


There has been a rapid development in medicine that is accompanied with great increase in awareness among patients. Medical curricula have become more complex with newer methods of curriculum delivery being innovated and adopted. Medical education department is therefore expected to have the ability to train its faculty members to develop new skills that correspond to these changes.


Becoming part of a vibrant and international community of learners and practitioners, our DME oversees the process of medical education in medical and dental college to:

  • Provide educational services in supporting, evaluating and thus enhancing the educational role.
  • Support roles in the areas of research, teaching, curriculum development and assessment.
  • Help medical educators reach their goals to train medical professionals of the future.


Faculty office and a board room with latest facilities of multimedia, sound system, internet and air conditioned conference arrangements.

The following are the published researches by faculty of Medical Education department:

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