The Department Oral Medicine is the area specialized in dental medicine that treats various diseases occurring on the facial parts including mouth and temporomandibular joint by introducing the treatment principles of internal medicine to dental medicine. The diseases related to the mouth and maxillofacial parts of requiring internal medicine treatment include oral mucosal disease,
tongue disease, bad breath, dry mouth, nerve injury after a tooth extraction, abnormal taste, bruxism, snoring and sleep apnea that may be raised by various causes such as orofacial pain (caused by temporomandibular joint disorder and trigeminal neuralgia) and headache.

Since there are many cases that these diseases are raised by systematic causes, the area of Orofacial Pain and oral medicine can be said to hold a position connecting between mouth and whole body. Therefore, the Department Oral Medicine performs the tasks related to the diagnosis, treatment and management of mouth diseases in connection to the systematic diseases. Also by diagnosing various diseases around mouth and orofacial parts comprehensively, our department takes care of patients inclusively so that they can be properly managed and treated in relation to the tasks of disease prevention and family dentistry and forensic dentistry of involving legal applications of dental medicine.


To provide quality education and understanding of oral diseases with their treatment.

Mission statement

Enable students to learn

  • Early diagnosis of diseases concerning orofacial region, including oral manifestations of systemic diseases.
  • Treatment of acute and chronic diseases of orofacial region.

Interdisciplinary approach for undiagnosed diseases.

Providing quality oral health care to the general public.

  1. Department Name: Oral Medicine
  2. Name of the HOD : Dr. Ehsan Rathore
  3. Faculty of the Department:
Sl. No.  Name Designation Qualifications
1 Dr. Ehsan Rathore Assistant professor BDS, MCPS, FICD
2 Dr Abdul Haseeb Demonstrator BDS
3 Dr. Rehana Mustaq Demonstrator BDS
  1. Research Areas/ Interests

Oral Diseases

Oral lesions

Tmj disorders

Dry mouth

Oro facial pains


  1. Departmental research Activities:

Case presentations

Problem based learning

Poster presentations

Multimedia presentations

6: Achievements of Individual Faculty Members.

Dr. Ehsan Rathore

  • A survey of its timing in pakistani children and factors affecting its chronology.
  • Waiting list of Surgical Operation in Rural Area and Causes of Cancellation. (Queued)
  • Temporomandibular joint ankylosis, Literature review.
  • Apert Syndrome: Report of a rare congenital malformation

   Dr. Abdul Haseeb

  • To Analyze the Outcome of Orthodontic Space Closure and Implant Substitution in Patients Presented with Missing Maxillary Incisors
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