Prof Dr FARHAT AMIN BDS, MCPS(OMFS), FCPS Orthodontics.


To provide quality education , skills and orthodontics patient care at par with international standards.


In line with the mission statement of our institute, our department of orthodontics  , focuses on academics and building concepts of undergraduate students regarding:-

  • Normal growth, development of craniofacial region and dentition
  • Diagnosis of any anomaly in orofacial region,
  • Incorporation of clinical expertise for their treatment planning, management and basic orthodontic mechanics used in orthodontic clinics.
  • Emphasizes on patient management skills, complete history taking and clinical examination.
  • Education to create awareness for oral hygiene management and different procedures.


Department of  orthodontics intends to familiarize our undergraduate students with knowledge of craniofacial growth, development of dentition followed by diagnosis and management of dentofacial or skeletal anomalies. Our department, in line with the vision of our institute and guidelines of PMDC and UHS , facilitates students to excel in cognitive , psychomotor and affective domain of learning . Our department focuses on learning and management of

  • Skeletal growth and development of face , maxilla , mandible .
  • Development of dentition
  • Development of occlusion and associated malocclusions
  • Developmental anomalies of dentition
  • Prevention and interception of malocclusion
  • Growth modification
  • Removable appliances
  • Fixed appliances
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Craniofacial syndromes and clefts.

Mode Of Information Transfer:-

  • Lectures
  • Small group discussions
  • Team based learning
  • Problem based learning


Department of orthodontics comprises of following.

  1. Well Equipped Orthodontic clinic
  2. Ceph and demonstration room
  3. Orthodontic lab
  4. Departmental Library


Professor Prof. Dr Farhat Amin


FCPS Orthodontics

Assistant Professor Dr.Mariyam Masood

BDS, FCPS orthodontics

Demonstrators Dr. Adeel Iftikhar

BDS FCPS(II) orthodontics

Lab technicians Talha Ahmed

List of important conditions treated in unit  (in order of decreasing frequency).

  1. Class 1 malocclusion
  2. Class1 malocclusion with upper proclination
  3. Class 1 malocclusion with U/L anterior crowding
  4. Class 1 malocclusion with U/L anterior spacing
  5. Class1 with congenitally missing lateral incisors.
  6. Class II malocclusion with short mandible
  7. Mixed dentition with anterior cross bite
  8. Mixed dentition with premature loss of deciduous molars and midline shift
  9. Malocclusion with narrow maxilla and posterior cross bite .
  10. Cleft lip and palate with narrow maxilla and malalignment.
  11. Class II malocclusion with division 2
  12. Class III malocclusion with growth modification
  13. Class III malocclusion with asymmetry requiring orthognathic surgery
  14. Class II div 1 malocclusion requiring molar intrusion.
  15. Bimaxillary proclination requiring extractions.
  16. Class II malocclusion with vertically high maxilla and gummy smile
  17. Class 1 malocclusion with gummy smile
  18. Class I malocclusion with mild crowding requiring interproximal reduction
  19. Adult cases with crowding requiring clear aligner therapy.
  20. Malocclusion with severe gum recession and spacing .

List of procedures performed in orthodontic clinic:-

  1. Bonding.
  2. Separation + banding of molar and premolar bands.
  3. Adjustment and activation of expanders
  4. Inter proximal reduction
  5. Clear aligner’s therapy
  6. Insertion and activation of open coil spring
  7. Twin block or other growth modification appliance fabrication and adjustment
  8. 2 x 4 appliance fixation
  9. Insertion of mini screws for maxillary  molar intrusion
  10. Fabrication and fixation of space maintainers.
  11. Retainers (fixed and removable)
  12. Management of impacted teeth.
  13. Adjunctive orthodontic treatment.
  14. Orthognathic surgeries.

     Departmental Achievements:-

  • C – Orth certificate course under supervision of Prof. Dr Farhat Amin
  • Clear path aligner lecture organized by orthodontic department.
  • 93% passing result in UHS annual exam 2019-2020.
  • 2 Distinctions in subject of orthodontics.
  • Poster competition by final year students.


PROF Dr. Farhat Amin

  • Approved supervisor and Examiner for FCPS & MCPS training in Orthodontics
  • Course Director for Orthodontic Certification in FDC
  • International & National speaker & Poster presenter
  • Workshop organizer
  • Working on Research and  Curriculum in  FDC
  • 20 + Publications in national and international Journals
  • Member of Pakistan Association of Orthodontics
  • Paper setter for IMM, MCPS & FCPS Orthodontics

Dr. Mariyam Masood

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2.Evaluation Of Quizzing As A Method For Orthodontic Teaching Of Cephalometrics Of Bds Students

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3.Determine The Frequency And Pattern Of Dental Developmental Alterations In Patients Presented With Dilacerated Teeth

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4.Esthetics & Tooth Morphology while Grinning According to Golden Proportion

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5.To Analyze the Outcome of Orthodontic Space Closure and Implant Substitution in Patients Presented with Missing Maxillary Incisors

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