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SOPs of Covid 19 for students at AIMEC

COVID-19 is a new and uncertain Pandemic; any hope of any early dissipation of the virus has been invalidated by the second wave of the mutated virus appearing in the European Countries and Now in Pakistan as well.

Whole world is trying to manage the COVID 19 pandemic through a combination of strict SOP protocol implementation together with the smart and timely lockdowns. The Government of Pakistan and our health ministries have taken many steps of timely handing of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Since the Pandemic is possibly here to stay for some time, our institute Amna Inayat Medical education complex , has been working day and night to prevent spread of this virus for uninterrupted medical and dental education, as per the guidelines given by the Ministry of NHSR&C.

The attached pages are the protocols devised and implemented in light of guidelines provided the Ministry of NHSR&C Guidelines along with points extracted from UHS AIMEC.


To provide the Health guide lines to students, faculty, administration and Patients of AIMC, FDC and KFH in the Context of ongoing COVID 19 pandemic while ensuring all possible precautions to minimize the risk of spread of infection.



To be a prestigious educational complex in order to produce competent and empathetic health care professionals.


To ensure conducive, evidenced based educational environment in order to produce ethical, problem solver, researcher, critical thinker and skillful health care professionals who are committed to serve both the local and global communities.

Integrating professional values and reflective practice in every course and activity throughout the years of medical education.
Providing clinical exposure from the very beginning of academic degree, giving you direct contact with a large and diverse patient population.
Strong scientific emphasis throughout the degree, allowing our students to develop skills in research techniques and methodology.
Inculcating the ability to apply evidence-based medicine wherever our professionals practice.




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