A 4 year degree program at Faryal dental college aims to develop skilled and progressive oral practitioners. The field of Dentistry demands high standards of care and skill, as well as an aptitude for dealing with people.

            The program at Faryal dental college provides state of a art stimulating and enjoyable study environment along with a solid foundation to achieve high standards of cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of learning of basic principles of medicine, diagnostic and surgical techniques to meet the challenges of the future needs of dental surgery.

           The Graduates of Faryal Dental College is already into the professional horizon of private practice as assistants employed in established practices; choose public sector employment careers, research or postgraduate study. After some experience in general practice, a significant number of graduates have chosen postgraduate study leading to qualifications for specialist practice.

Subjects  :-


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

·         Oral biology

·         Anatomy

·         Biochemistry

·         Physiology


·         Science of Dental materials

·         Community dentistry

·         General pathology

·         Pharmacology

·         Behavior sciences


·         Periodontology

·         Oral pathology

·         Oral medicine

·         General medicine

·         General surgery

·         Oral surgery

·         Prosthodontics

·         Orthodontics

·         Operative dentistry.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Bachelors in Dental Surgery (BDS):

  • Candidate should have 12 years of education.
  • Candidates should have intermediate degree from recognized college or university.
  • Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
  • Admission will be made on merit basis.



Examination policies at FDC

Internal Assesment (Departmental)

Internal Assesment (Departmental)




Mark division

Log Book

5                  25%


2                  10%


2                  10%

Class Tests And Term Tests

5                  25%

Assignments /Presentations/Group discussion participations

3                  15%

General Conduct

3                  15%

Assessment Strategy

Assessment Strategy

FDC maintains a system of comprehensive assessment including following components :-

·         Formative

·         Summative

·         As per UHS Minimum 50% marks are required to pass examination and promote to the next class.

·         Any student who fails to secure 50% marks will have one chance to retake that exam in supplementary exam held 40 days after result.

·         Failure to pass that exam will result in detainment of that student in the same class.

·         He/ she shall repeat that class.



Minimum 75% attendance of the student is required to be eligible for taking the final exam. Students are advised to completely understand and follow this requirement otherwise they not be allowed to sit in the final exam. Keep in mind this is the minimum requirement otherwise students are required to maintain 100 % attendance. Attendance will be included in internal assessment.